The next event is:
Event Name: BreachLAN #44
Event Location: Logie Durno Village Hall
Event Start: 09-02-2018 at 16:00
Event End: 12-02-2018 at 16:00
Event Capacity: 48 spaces
Event Space: 46 remaining
Event Length: 72 Hours

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Welcome to BreachLAN's Website and Community forums

Please feel free to have a look around as there have been many improvements and additions

The dates for BreachLAN 2017 are as follows
BreachLAN #40- Feb 10th to the 13th 2017
BreachLAN #41 - 14th to the 17th April 2017
BreachLAN #42 - August 4th to the 7th 2017
BreachLAN #43 - Nov 10th to the 13th 2017

Pricing is as follows for 2017
Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances the price structure for future events has been reviewed.
Early Bird - £30 + £1.50 - This is until 4 weeks after previous LAN
Standard - £35 + £1.50 - This is until day of LAN
On the door - £40 - At the LAN
Season Ticket - £90 - 4 LAN Ticket (please ask on forums for more information)

Spectator - £5/day. £10/event
Second Monitor / Appliance - £5/event
Customer server - £10/event

These extras are payable on the day to any member of staff

If you have any Issues with the new site/forums please contact a member of our admin team.