The next event is:
Event Name: BreachLAN #52
Event Location: Logie Durno Village Hall
Event Start: 14-02-2020 at 16:00
Event End: 17-02-2020 at 16:00
Event Capacity: 48 spaces
Event Space: 44 remaining
Event Length: 72 Hours

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FAQ/Terms & Conditions
BreachLAN Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket for BreachLAN you agree to the following

  • No smoking in the venue, there is a covered porch at the front door with an ashtray.
  • No Warez over the BreachLAN network infrastructure, with this in mind we ask that you disable File and Printer sharing for the duration of the event, we have support and sponsorship from game publishers and so it is appropriate that we discourage the distribution of illegal material.
  • Please show consideration for the age and sensibilities of others when viewing material on your PC.
  • Show consideration for others who may be trying to sleep, the sleeping area is for sleeping so please keep noise to a minimum in that area.
  • For Laptop users, please remember to bring a Laptop Cooler to protect both your own equipment and the venues property.
  • Damage to the venue, the venues property, or the personal property of other attendees is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, we feel it appropriate and sensible that any damage will be paid for by the person who caused it.
  • For those of an appropriate age the consumption of alcohol is permitted, please do so with due consideration for those around you, accidents happen whilst under the influence of alcohol and so be extra careful, the rules about breakages still apply if you're drunk. With this in mind we try and keep the events for the over 18s only. However participants under the ages of 18 are welcome, please see the links at the bottom of the page. Any behaviour which is deemed to be detrimental to the event may result in that person being asked to leave; Remember, we are there to have safe, responsible fun. The equipment you bring is your own responsibility, so make sure you transport it safely to and from the event and keep it safe whilst there.
  • Please DO NOT sleep in the main hall next to your computer. This causes obstructions to the walkways and a hazard to other participants in the event of an evacuation.
  • Refunds can be offered on an event if the number of attendees paid is greater than the amount required to run the event. If this is not the case, then a refund cannot be issued. If a refund is possible it will, unfortunately, be minus any costs incurred for management of the money (PayPal for example). Refunds will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Most importantly have fun, the rules are there to protect you and your property and prevent unnecessary accidents
  • Spectators are welcome at BreachLAN and can take part in projector games, raffles etc but cannot use a PC brought by a participant of the event. There is a £5 fee per spectator per day or £10 for the entire event which is payable to the admin team upon arrival at the hall.
  • Extra electrical equipment covered in the FAQs can be brought to BreachLAN, however the fee for these must be paid to the staff at the start of the event prior to connecting these devices.
  • Please note, pictures and videos may be taken during the event, and may be posted on Social Media for advertising purposes.
  • Server set up will only be done by staff members at the event. If you have applied for colocation of your server please contact a staff member at the start of the event. The staff member will organise colocation fee payment and then set up your server for you.
  • Every participant who agrees the terms and conditions also agrees with the contents of the Participants' Agreement. The Participants' Agreement can be found by following this link please read it through before agreeing to the terms and conditions.
    Terms and conditions subject to change at anytime
  • Although customers are ultimately responsible for their belongings BreachLAN does operate a lost and found. The terms and conditions of such are found below.
  • Cheating/Hacking is not permitted at BreachLAN. If any participant is found cheating/hacking they will be asked to leave the event.

    1. If an item is lost etc a member of BreachLAN staff must be notified at the first possible convenience.
    2. Any item that is found is to be posted to the customer at the customer's cost.
    3. Staff will hold on to the relevant item until the next BreachLAN Event.
    4. If item is not claimed by next event the relevant item will be disposed.