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CD Key Website links are forbidden to be shared on BreachLAN forums

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gemini, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member

    This is a notification to everyone regarding links to third party CD key retailers.

    We're trying to build relationships with games companies and links to grey market websites such as Kinguin, CD Keys, G2A etc undermine this.

    These websites make their money by facilitating the sale of stolen keys (stolen in hacks or inside jobs, see Sniper Elite 3 Key Revocation), credit card fraud (using a stolen credit card to buy games at any price, selling them on for whatever they can get for cash) and money laundering.

    The cost of all this is then borne by the developers that we're trying to build relationships with when they have to give refunds / chargebacks and deal with all the legal ramifications. This can really sting small developers.

    If you have any questions about if a certain website is permitted, please ask before posting links.

    Thank you for reading.
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