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Decision for Time Commanders Team

Discussion in 'Intarweb' started by DictaTyr, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    Thank you to all who showed interest in joining the team for Time Commanders. If I could I'd have chosen all of you but I was limited to 2 people.

    It was a fairly difficult choice to make but ultimately I have decided to go with two people who I know loved the original run of the series and have a fair amount of experience with the Total War series.

    My decision is that I shall be bringing ZeroG and Dod along with me should we get through to the final listing.

    Thanks all.
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  2. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    woop woop
  3. coob

    coob *looks disapprovingly* BreachLAN Sponsor

    Good luck and have fun :D
  4. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    The application is in and now we wait to see.
  5. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    Righty guys, quick update on this. I have not received an email saying that we're on the show and as the cut off was the 1st Sept then unfortunately it doesn't look like we got through to the final selection. Thank you for your interest and if they do another series then I'll try again at that point :)
  6. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    cool cool man no probs

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