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Kinect @ breachlan?

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 19' started by MadmaN, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. MadmaN

    MadmaN Well-Known Member

  2. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member

    What outputs does your 360 have.

    I was talking with Dex a while ago about how we could set the console and projector up, he was concerned that the projector would make the kinect camera unusable.

    I'm trying to work out at the moment the best way of hooking all the stuff up so if you can let me know what your console has then I would appreciate it.

  3. coob

    coob *looks disapprovingly* BreachLAN Sponsor

    i have a hdmi componant cable if needed :) for the xbox that is
  4. MadmaN

    MadmaN Well-Known Member

    i have one of these and a gender bender.

  5. Skull

    Skull Thou Shalt Not Pass

    That's what's best for a projector, to VGA
  6. MadmaN

    MadmaN Well-Known Member

    great stuff :)
  7. MadmaN

    MadmaN Well-Known Member

    Bringing my console, along with dj hero and kinect :) - people bring some 360 game pads :)
  8. Piglet

    Piglet Miss Bitch

    What kinect games do you have? I have Dance central if u dont have it :).......and Zumba lol

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