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Moving on from BreachLAN 41

Discussion in 'News' started by gemini, May 14, 2017.

  1. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member

    Hi Everyone.

    We've been having a think. It's no secret that Breach41 had a few problems with RvB and a lower than expected attendance. Before that King was a bit of a misfire too. We know about it, and we're addressing it.

    What we should have done, is cancel RvB / King and just focus on the rest of the LAN. We didn't. It's clear now that this was a mistake on our part.

    So, here is how we're planning on moving on and getting the energy back into BreachLAN. For now at least, we're suspending entire lan games, at least until we have many more regular attendees. Things like King of LAN and RvB are fun when there is enough people, but they take a lot of time to administrate and they do take people away from other games. With smaller LANs it's just not sensible.

    Instead of focusing on trying to make entire lan games work, we're going to focus instead on regular games and services to boost customer enjoyment. For example, the bacon rolls service was really popular but it completely fell by the side for the past two events. Just due pretty much exclusively a lack of time during the event to do it and a lack of forethought beforehand to get it done properly. This is the type of thing that we're going to focus on to make everything more comfortable for everyone.

    The second thing we're going to be doing is making a bigger comittment to playing regularly online and streaming. We're announcing more details on that one soon.

    And the third and final thing we're going to be doing is a drive for new customers. We're doing some advertising for the first time, but as always the best form of advertising is word of mouth. If you know anyone who would be interested in coming along, pass on our details. Remember, their first lan is free is they use the discount code FREELAN!

    Thanks everyone. Hopefully these changes will start to make things better and we'll start to see an improvement almost immediately.


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