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Discussion in 'BreachLAN 46' started by gemini, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member

    Hey everyone.

    I apologise in advance for the following wall of text, but this is important. Please take the time to read it all.

    This is a public service announcement. Due to what's looking at being our busiest event ever, we're going to have to raise awareness of a few rules we have always had, but never needed to enforce. Probably going to have to create a few new ones too.

    The first one is general event tidiness. Normally we don't care too much about everyone leaving boxes / suitcases / bags etc lying around. This time around, there is going to be too much of it, so help us out and put this stuff in your car as soon as you're done with it.

    Secondly, fridge space. Fridge space is going to be limited to, in this order
    1) Medicines - Anyone who needs to keep medicine cool.
    2) Milk for tea / coffee.
    3) Sandwich meat / margarine.
    There will not be any space for ready meals / rustlers burgers etc this time. If you want to take these things you're going to need to also take your own cool storage.

    Thirdly, our normal rules about extra electrical appliances (such as electric coolers, second monitors, games consoles etc) are going to be more strictly enforced. Everything must fit in your own space and the £5 fee must be paid (£5 per appliance)

    Finally (and most importantly), double airbeds are going to be for 2 people sharing. Single people in double beds is going to take up too much room and it isn't fair to stop someone else having a space to sleep. If sleeping space runs out, then we will ask any single people with a double airbed to deflate it and sleep on the floor to make space for one more single airbed. Please only take a double airbed if you're planning on sharing with someone.

    On this note - The sleeping area will be much busier. This is going to lead to a few other issues.
    1) If you're a light sleeper, you are going to need earplugs. I've found it works great to get a cheap pair of earbuds and listen to some white noise.
    2) Sleeping space will be cosy. We may ask you to move your airbed to create more space. Help us out by arranging things tidily when you set up.
    3) If the sleeping room fills up and there is only space in the main hall you will need to set up in a space that doesn't obstruct walkways.
    4) There is a little known changing room that you can get to from the mens room. It's pretty small, and can get very chilly at night, but there is space for two people to sleep in there with much more peace, quiet and privacy. First come, first served.
    5) If you have a large car or a van with lots of space in the back, you could consider sleeping in there. However remember, having a few alcoholic drinks and sleeping in your car IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Being drunk in charge of a vehicle is a criminal offence and if for whatever reason the police find you, you can expect some serious consequences.

    That's all for now. If anything else comes up we'll post it below.
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