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The Good - The Bad - The Ugly

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 40' started by MadmaN, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. MadmaN

    MadmaN Well-Known Member

    Good -

    • Great returning after a long year and seeing old and new faces.
    • UT3 was a great change!
    • The Pizza apart from some missing items lol
    • The new disco lighting system was very smart and the hall looking well posh now :)
    Bad -
    • Maybe abit more team games or big games on the go during the day.. say start 2-3pm on the Saturday and Sunday
    • The hall was very cold during the night. Maybe keep 1 or 2 heaters on during the night at the sleeping end.
    Ugly -
    • Only ugly I can think of is the toilets was in abit of a mess.. some explosions going on haha. Good idea if we can get toilet brushes and maybe some bleach.

    Overall I had a good time.. didn't get around to chat to everyone but maybe next time.
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  2. Good :

    • Good atmosphere
    • Everyone is nice to the new kids
    • A few new games were played

    The bad:

    • Things have been pretty disorganised since Dod left and it's something you guys need to work on. Don't get me wrong, I still have fun and will continue to come along but things don't run as smoothly as they used to. For example last lan, the pizza order didn't get placed, this lan the theme kept on getting forgotten about etc. When a big chunk of your customers are students, you've got to remember that they're usually shit poor and if your lans don't keep the same quality, you'll loose out on those people.
    • The lack of projector was a bit sad. It's handly for announcing upcoming games (and Jackbox!)

    The ugly:
    • There have been issues amongst the staff. You know this, I know this and whilst you might not like to admit it, most people at LAN are also aware of it. It's not good guys. I've been in a similar position before and things run more smoothly if you can air your problems and just you know, be nice to each other. You all seem to blame each other for everything that goes on and it's a bit... well silly tbh. Group hug and stop moaning at each other. Also sort out your organisation so everyone knows who needs to do what and when so you can't all point fingers

    Despite the long moan, I do have a good time! I just don't want you guys to fuck up over such crap!
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  3. mintR

    mintR Streaming God Staff Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    Thanks for your feedback so far guys! Great to hear your honest thoughts and opinions of what BreachLAN has to offer.

    I am happy to address a few of the issues that have been raised, and these views are solely my own and not representative of BreachLAN as a whole.

    Madman, glad to hear you enjoyed the Pizza buddy! Sorry to hear your expectation wasn't met in terms of pizza toppings, I understand you used a Dundee post code for the Dominoes instead of the Aberdeen branch, and I'm sure they have different names / offers on at each location. We will ensure to point out which post code to use for future orders to ensure this problem doesn't happen again :)

    GoreGirl, thanks for your feedback. You are right! There have been some big changes lately in terms of current staffing positions, people leaving and joining with little or no notice, there will be a time period of adapting and handing over of tasks and responsibilities which of course takes time, but rest assured we have never been stronger or more committed to delivering a great service for our great customers.

    The projector is a really cool thing and it's great when its in use, I agree with your comment, its a great way to keep customers up to date and have play some fun games. However we can't commit to having a Projector at every event. It looks like your expectations have been set for this to be the case. I would see the Projector as a bonus when it makes an appearance.

    Regarding your concerns of the staff, we are getting on very well. Over the past few months I admit there have been some bumps in the road, and BreachLAN has reacted to remove those bumps. For me, BreachLAN #40 was one of the best LANS in terms of smoothness, teamwork and sense of belonging and we look forward to collaborating and innovating to ensure we are bringing fresh new ideas and delivering a good well balanced LAN party.

    I will be checking back on this regularly and would be happy to answer any questions you guys or gals might have!

    Keep the feedback coming <3

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
  4. QuadrAlien

    QuadrAlien New Member

    Actually, that is a fair point - for as long as I've been at BreachLAN there has been a projector so I saw it as a regular thing. Nice to have anyway, though, but I kind of understand why you went for the TV at the front of the hall - allows for some view of the King of LAN games for everyone else.


    The Good:
    Addition of pancakes to the bacon rolls. Even if the stove didn't want to cooperate at first.
    Nice selection of games for King of LAN - including some weak spots for myself. :)
    Good atmosphere, even if possibly a little quieter than I'm used to by the last day.

    The Bad:
    Can I talk about the games lists we've been getting? For the last couple of LANs we've got them within the last week before LAN, which doesn't give a lot of room to get hold of them, either price-wise (given what I know of G2A they can get stuffed) or for downloading - especially with some of the more substantial downloads such as Rainbow Six: Siege. I will admit, however, this LAN was an improvement in that it wasn't directly copied and pasted from the previous year.
    King of LAN was forgotten about on the Monday. I appreciate the joys of Rainbow 6: Siege (even if, given it's a military shooter, I'm rather tragic at it), but come on. This may be an issue with the King of LAN format in general, however - it doesn't really mesh well with LAN-wide games.

    The Ugly:
    In retrospect, even for PC doesn't Rocket League have a split screen mode without the faff of online play?
    I wasn't entirely certain of the use of UT3 over UT2004 to begin with, and the server connection issues with messages about Steam permissions did little to impress me. Especially when I realised "Wasn't this map on the original UT demo?" on the first map. :)
    Regarding Mortal Kombat: You thought my nets were bad - at least I take the time to re-learn them each LAN. :)
    Dear Flukes: Please recall that my ability at games tends to give up with regards to military shooters. :p

    The I'm honestly not sure where I stand on:
    The aforementioned projector.
    The lack of song requests. On the one hand, I actually had songs to put in for once, but on the other hand, not Smash Mouth remixes for what seemed like eternity.
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  5. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Hi Quad, glad you had a good time at BreachLAN #40! :)

    I'd just like to try and respond to some of your comments whilst they are still fresh in my mind.

    With regard to the games list we will address this at our meeting next week and aim to get this arranged further in advance, we always try to strike a balance between functionality, genre, cost and system requirements and it is this process that we aim to start this coming week. There were some scheduling issues with King and we have some ideas on how to improve things for next time.

    There were some technical issues with Rocket League but I have identified some improvements that can be made to the network at the LAN which should make things more playable for future events. There were also some unfortunate issues with UT3 although these did not appear during testing, if this does happen again we'll move over to a backup game. :)

    I think that mintR's comments about the projector are reasonable and that we cannot always count on being able to bring one along to every event :)

    There were also some technical issues with the song requests, I've got this down as an action to resolve before BreachLAN #41.

    Please every do keep the feedback coming, it's really important to us! :)
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  6. I maybe worded the projector bit wrong! It was more made me a bit sad, I completely understand it's not something you can always have. I was more commenting that it's been really useful and you certainly notice a lack of it once you're used to it being there. Especially for the likes of game announcements because I generally don't hear the shout out over my headphones unless it's like the original shout where everyone is poked and prodded to ensure attention. I'm not exactly sure of how else it could be done? Maybe even having stuck the updates on the front TV may have helped? Don't know, was just trying to clarify that I understand it's not always feasible but when it's not it may be worth acquiring an airhorn or similar :p
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  7. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Airhorn... I like it!
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