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UWCB Boxing for Charity Event

Discussion in 'Social Events' started by ShinraKing, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. ShinraKing

    ShinraKing Active Member


    I've decided to have a go at this UWCB event where i will get 8 weeks training to then box in the AECC in front of 2000 people (dont know what possessed me to this but its worth a shot i suppose :p) which is to raise money for Cancer Research, a cause that i feel strongly about.

    If anyone would like to donate (hopefully?) the links is as follows:

    In the future i will be checking to see if anyone wants seats/table/standing tickets because i have to sell 10 seats/tickets or a table.

    If anyone does decide to donate, thank you so much for supporting me and the cause!

    If anyone would like to donate but cant, thank you for the thought!

    If anyone does not want to donate, thank you for at least reading this!
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