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Windows 10 Creators Update Goes Live!

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Bloodnok, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Bloodnok

    Bloodnok Well-Known Member

  2. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Gulp! Nice one Dave :)

    I've clicked my trusty defer updates button again as it's just too close to LAN!
  3. Bloodnok

    Bloodnok Well-Known Member

    Oh great, that update gave me the Infinite loading error....


    I have fixed the problem by removing the gfx card and removing drivers, the joys...
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2017
    Deep Blue likes this.
  4. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    How's it working out for you Dave?
  5. Bloodnok

    Bloodnok Well-Known Member

    Seems to be ok for now.

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